work bootPossibly the farmer and outdoor workers most important piece of kit - the work boot.

With improved technology and innovation it's now more comfortable than decades past.

You'll find a style to suit almost anybody, our range of work boots and gum boots provide stability, comfort and protection no matter the conditions.


Along with our sturdy range of farm boots we also sell safety boots and boots suitable for tramping in a wide range of colours.

New in October 2017 - Cavallino leather boots - made in Europe.

  • Paddock Boot  
  • Stable Boot                   
  • Yard Boot

Many of the designs of boots we carry have soles that resist clogging, leather uppers that either pull on or styles that can be laced up. You'll find boots that are ideal for kicking about the paddock or boots that will handle the rigors of the dairy shed.  

We also stock a huge range of Gumboots like Skellerup - the iconic Red Band, Perths, Terranova, 4 x4's, Blundstone steel toe and other brands/styles too.

                              Red Band Gumboot                           

Not only for adults but for children as well.

If there's a certain type or style you're after give us a call on 09 425 7754.