Weed Control

Weed sprayFor managing weeds on your property The Farm and Lifestyle Centre have a large range of weed sprays, along with spray units including backpack sprayers and spray units for ATVs like the Selecta ATV spray units.

You'll find a we have weed sprays for your domestic urban garden and sprays suitable for larger commercial operations on your farm or lifestyle block.

There's a range of weed spray dyes so you know exactly where you've sprayed, also sprays that insure your herbicide actually sticks to the leaves of hard to kill plants.

We stock sprays for broad leaf, brush weeds, Gorse sprays, Blackberry and Old Man's Beard sprays too.

Popular brands and sprays are...

  • Sylon & Callisto - Orion crop protection.
  • Orion range of herbicides and weed control.
  • Penetrant.
  • Wetter Sticker.
  • Done That
  • Roundup
  • Turfix
  • Organic No weeds

Along with weed spays we stock an extensive range of fungicides for taking care of all manner of fungal issues on your crops.