Water Tanks ''This June 2018 ask us about Field Day Specials''

Water tanksOn any rural property or lifestyle block where town water supply is not available a water tank is a given.

Even in an urban environment many households are now getting water tanks as they are a cost effective solution when you consider rain water is free and one pays for town water via water rates.

We stock the most popular brands at competitive prices...

  • Promax water tanks
  • Baileys water tanks
  • Devan water tanks
  • KBL water tanks
Rain water tanks

There's a massive colour range to choose from. Many tanks have a 20 year guarantee and are UV stabilised to tolerate the harsh outdoor NZ conditions. From 95 litres through to 30,000 litres! We can provide you with the best water tank for you and your property, just come into our yard and see the range yourself at 2 Morrison Drive, Warkworth.

Pump Covers

Pump covers

Protecting your electric water pump from the weather has never been easier with the Bailey and Promax range of water pump covers. Strong and durable, made of UV stabilised plastic which is ideal for the outdoors.

For the various sizes send us an email, The Farm and Lifestyle Centre.