Pest Control

For pest control, Farm and Lifestyle has it all. From the humane Timms traps and other pest traps through to bait stations and poison itself. Whether you're trying to eradicate rats, control possum or rabbits our range of pest control products can help you. Talk to our friendly team for advise on the best solution for you.


The KBL range of pest control traps gives you the ability to effectively control not only possum but muscats too. We have an extensive range of poisons and traps for rats and mice.

Timms Trap

Our range of pest control products continues to grow. NO Rats & Mice One Feed. This second generation control is available 160g, 1 kg & 3kg. Prefilled bait stations that are lockable and reusable are available. Our selection of the Kiwicare range is regularly updated.

We stock a range of insecticides to control insect problems like the brand Ripcord.

For an environmentally friendly alternative, we have in store Diatomaceous Earth. This Fossil Shell Flour is completely natural and certified organic. This is a food grade, fine white powder with a huge range of uses. Use it around the house, on the farm, on pets and chickens, in the garden and as a stock feed supplement.


To check out what's available come into the store and view our range. We can provide you with sensible advice giving you the ability to make an educated decision about the best measures to take to control pests on your property.

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