When you need fertiliser / fertilizer for your property The Farm & Lifestyle Centre can cater to your every need.

We stock a huge range of fertilisers ranging from Blood and Bone through to excellent lawn fertilisers, fertiliser for farms and lifestyle blocks.

We also stock...

  • Organic Fertiliser
  • Slow release & Water soluble fertiliser
  • Fertilser granuals
  • Bluestone & Lime fertiliser
  • Trace elements
  • Plus more in store

Most of our range of fertilisers are manufactured here in NZ and where not available, sourced from reputable international firms.

A full range of spectrum multi-mineral fertilisers are instore including NPK fertiliser bags and Dolomite.
You can purchase the extensive Ballance range of fertilisers along with Yates, Kiwicare, Fertco and Gard'n Grow products.
If there's a particular brand or type you're after please email The Farm & Lifestyle Centre or call 09 425 7754.