Fencing wireFencing Wire

Need to secure your farm animal? Talk to The Farm and Lifestyle team as we've got fencing wire for most applications, this includes coiled, braided and barbed wire.

We cater to both those wanting farm fencing wire as well as people requiring orchard wire.

Made from high grade steel, coated with a zinc/aluminium coating, our range of wire is designed to stand up to what farm animals and the elements throw at it.

We also stock a range of fencing accessories and wire netting ideal for chicken runs.

Electric fencingElectric Fencing

Electric fencing not only acts as a physical barrier for your stock but a mental one to, because they are conditioned to what happens should they attempt to leave the fenced area. The beauty of electric fencing is that it's very economical to use as it's quick to erect, remove and shift saving you both time and money.

You'll find we have a number of types of electric fencing depending on the solution you require. We also sell gate kits, electric fence insulators and electric fence energizers as well, giving you everything you need in one place.

Gallagher Fencing EquipmentWe can supply you with the wide range of Gallagher fencing products, just call us on 09 425 7754 or email The Farm and Lifestyle Centre about your requirements.