Horse Feed

Our horse feed selection covers...

  • Racing horse feed
  • Stud & breeder horse feed
  • Sport horse feed
  • Cereal & Chaff

Whether you need pony feed or horse feed for your top class event horse or show jumper the Farm & Lifestyle Centre cover all bases.
Our horse and pony feeds have been developed by veterinary professionals insuring the correct nutritional requirements of a horse are met. As a horse grows and depending on it's development and activity it's requirements for feed can change. You'll find a selection of horse feed that covers these developing stages at our shop on Morrison Drive, Warkworth.

With a strong understanding of equine needs we can advise you of what's best for your horse.

Cattle, Lamb, Pig & Poultry Feed

Along with horse feed our range of animal feed includes pig food, poultry / chook feed, beef and dairy feed. We stock the Viterra range of animal feeds . With mills in New Zealand, Viterra's range of feed is produced to cater to the demands of NZ farmers.
When in store you'll find the NRM brand of food that includes Pig Tucker along with kibbled and whole maize.
A range of milk replacement is carried that's suitable for goat kids, foals, fawns, piglets and puppies too.

Dog Food

A dogs nutritional requirements can alter from breed to breed and is often dependent on your dog's activity levels. The Farm Centre stocks most major brands of dog food to cater to your animals individual requirements including meat and dog biscuits.

Popular brands we stock include...

  • Tux
  • Eukanuba
  • Pro Plan
  • Dog Chow
  • Beneful

Cat Food

When it comes to cat food you'll discover some of NZ's most popular brands at the Farm & lifestyle Centre including...

  • Purina One
  • Pro Plan
  • Iams
  • Friskies
  • Whiskas
  • Cat Chow

Like dog food a cat's dietary needs can change over it's life and can vary depending on it's lifestyle, having a good selection of cat food gives you the ability to select the appropriate type depending on where your cat is in it's life cycle.

Fish Food

The health of your fish and the aquarium environment can be significantly altered by the quality and type of fish food. as stockist of the Masterpet range of fish food you can be sure that your fish's needs are met because Masterpet fish food includes the essential elements needed...

  • Minerals & vitamins
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Fibre & carbo's
  • Amino acids

In our shop at 2 Morrison Drive, Warkworth you'll also find a good selection of aquarium products as well.